Birds are another passion for the multi-talented Thiel.  While vacationing in Hawaii, she took hundreds of photos on the beach where the Hawaiian Cardinals were feeding on the seeds of the greenery that was growing in the sandy soil.  The birds were not afraid of humans.  They would walk onto the beach mat and feed from a potato chip that was offered.  It was the first time Thiel had such a close encounter with these stunning creatures and launched a new series of work   Once in the studio the photos were used as a resource choosing the lighting, facial expressions, and posture, to paint the Hawaiian Cardinal.   Since then Thiel has painted many birds including Parrots, Blue Macaw, Egrets, Hens.

Rooster's Day is Done

Rooster’s Day is Done, Watercolor 5 x 5

Peek-a-boo Blue

Peek-a-boo Blue, Watercolor 14 x 11

Hawaiian Cardinal

Hawaiian Cardinal, Watercolor 11 x 14

Parrot Eyes

Parrot Eyes, Watercolor 14 x 11