Linda has lived in Phoenix since she was nine years old. She has always enjoyed drawing, painting and art classes.  She turned to art during many phases in her life and it has always aided in the calmness and stability she needed.  “To be focused on something that brings me the joy I feel when I see a beautiful flower blooming in a garden or a bouquet for a special occasion.  The flowers I have painted are from the gardens I have visited and the photographs I have taken.  As she paints the pictures she relives the memories of travels she has taken and friends gardens she has walked and talked in as she admired the beauty of the world around her.  She has been painting in watercolor since the late 90’s and is most grateful for having instructors along the way that have shared their talents, skills, and knowledge of painting.  Participating in Arizona Artist’s Guild and Arizona Watercolor Association has also brought many opportunities to meet people that enjoy creating, to attend workshops that have expanded her horizons, to explore many other types of mediums and ways of being creative. ” I seem to always come back to watercolor and the excitement I feel when the colors mingle”.