Linda Thiel has lived in Phoenix since she was nine years old. She has always enjoyed drawing, painting and art classes.  She turned to art during many phases in her life and it has always aided in the calmness and stability she needed.  “To be focused on something that brings me the joy I feel when I see a beautiful flower blooming in a garden or a bouquet for a special occasion.  The flowers I have painted are from the gardens I have visited and the photographs I have taken.“  As she paints the pictures she relives the memories of travels she has taken and friends’ gardens she has walked and talked in as she admired the beauty of the world around her.

Linda started out in oils in the 1970’s. By the 1990’s she started painting more seriously with Rosanne Bedore, which led her to study Oil Painting at Paradise Community College.

She has also painted in acrylics on surfaces such as wood, slate, glass, metal and canvas with the Society of Decorative Painters. Throughout the years she has developed a full range of all media.

Linda started painting in watercolor in 1996 with Kathie Neal until 2008 when her husband retired and they traveled extensively throughout United States and Canada. During that time she spent most of her time taking in sites, photographing, and planning future paintings with her photos. Today she divides her time to paint in two studios, one in Arizona and the other in Minnesota. Her artistic expression is through diverse subjects, animals to botanicals, figurative, and still life. Her range is wide, however she enjoys watercolor the most for its fluidity and gentleness to the environment.

 ” I seem to always come back to watercolor and the excitement I feel when the colors mingle”.

She is an active member of Arizona Artist’s Guild, Arizona Watercolor Association, Contemporary Watercolor Artists, Brush and Palette, and Red River Watercolor Society. She has exhibited her work in Arizona, Minnesota, and North Dakota.